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ICOM IC-735 transceiver.

The Icom IC-735 is an ultra-compact, easy to use HF radio covering 160 through 10 meters with 100 watts and has been modified to allow 5MHz band use. Modes include SSB, CW, FM and AM. Enhancements include: dual digital VFOs, 12 memories, full QSK, RIT, speech compressor, and noise blanker. The 735 has a general coverage receiver covering 100 kHz to 30 MHz with 105dB dynamic range. The advanced, triple conversion receiver section includes pass band tuning, notch, preamp and attenuator. The slide controls adjusts  NB Level, RF Gain, RF Power, VOX Gain, VOX Delay and speed for optional keyer.

The rear panel has an SO-239 antenna jack. Requires 13.8 VDC at 20 Amps. Only 9.5 x 3.7 x 9.4 inches 11 lbs. (241x94x239mm 5kg).

This unit has been fitted with a narrow band CW filter and modified to include transmitting in the 5MHz amateur band.
Condition is fair for age but is missing the plastic cover over the sliders and one of the meter lights not working.
The 12v PSU rear connector a bit loose but OK.  Serial Number 10829. 

Included is the Mic, 12v cable and original manual.

PRICE  £285 buyer to collect


I bought this just after getting my licence in the early 60s together with the Eddystone S-meter.  Still works well but could do with a bit of TLC (quite dusty).  This is a very rare Eddystone receiver, manufactured in the early 50s and deserves to be with an Eddystone collector.

(Last one sold on Ebay £250 and the S-meter £64 +P&P.  )

Prepared to let them both go for £250 - buyer to collect.

12 band FM Stereo/9-SW/MW/LW Receiver

Medium Wave
530- 1602kHz AM
VHF Band
87.6 - 108Mhz FM
SW Bands
4.75 - 5.06 MHz
5.9 - 6.2 MHz
7.1 - 7.35 MHz
9.4 - 9.99 MHz
11.6 - 12.1 MHz
13.57 - 13.87 MHz
15.1 - 15.80 MJz
17.48 - 17.90 MHz
21.45 - 21.75 MHz
Covers most short wave broadcast stations with good sensitivity.  Discreet whip antenna and runs off 2 AA batteries or 3v DC power supply.

This item is used but in excelent condition.

                      of Portable Radio

For Sale £35
buyer to collect

CT Deluxe

Would make a fantastic presentation Morse Key
Beautifully hand crafted plated and polished morse key
  • Designed by UR5CDX
  • Massive base 150x80 mm
  • Ability to adjust weight and contact gap
  • Hand made by a team of professional engineers
  • Exceptional quality chrome plating and mirror-like brass polish 
  • Mirror like smooth surface
  • Unique polished brass key plaque featuring the key's serial model
  • Weight 1.4 kg

  • Serial Number 042, 2002 with original packaging box

For Sale


buyer to collect

Valves  (Email for quotes)
   Loads still left in stock
Xtals (Email for quotes)
A one-off special
A very rare unused transmitting valve (HF) from the 1930s.
Tetrode 100W anode dissipation
Westinghouse VT-17
(about 9" long)
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