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Ham links

QRZ - callsign search etc
Local & Other Suppliers
Amateur Satellites: Amateur Television and Slow Scan T.V: Antenna Links:
Dx and Contesting Links: Ham Radio Home Page Links: Ham Radio Organizations:
Live Radios
ISS News
Graph Paper  (Ever wanted some graph paper, eg polar - download this program to make your own)
Internet Radio Links
GI-7B (or GI-7BT) Linears

Ham Radio Software : Hidden Transmitter/Foxhunt Links: LF, VLF and ELF Links:
Local & other Radio Clubs Microwaves Mods for Rigs  
Propagation Links: QRP (Low Power) Links: Repeaters
Service Manuals New HAM Manuals etc
VHF DX Top List
Weak Sig & Digi Links:  Live SSTV New (Superb) Online Training


Short Wave Magazine CQ Magazine      INDEX
73 Magazine Practical Wireless

Live Radios
Hamsphere    A subscription based liveRadio network
Excellent (just register for free access)

Training Courses Online

Superb online training for all exam levels

Dx and Contesting Links:
DX Summit World wide DX spots
Last 25 World Wide DX Spots
Last 25 World Wide WWV Reports
RSGB VHF Contests
RSGB HF Contests
W1AW Propagation Bulletins 
Propagation prediction from NOAA
SM3CER Contest Service Another nice contest listing.
NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network Most comprehensive list of worldwide beacons.
California QSO Party Home Page
Contesting On-Line Home Page
YCCC Home Page Lots of great DX and Contest information.
Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server Look up domestic and international calls
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
The QRZ Callsign Database Lookup Form
World Wide QSL Bureaus Addresses of all QSL Bureaus
425 DX News Bulletin from Italy !
The Bavarian Contest Club's WWW Home Page
Northern California DX Club
ARRLWeb: The ARRL DXCC Countries List
IOTA - Islands on the Air-List
Information on licensing abroad

Ham Radio Organizations:
ARRL's Home Page
The Dayton Hamvention�
Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
IARUWeb: The International Amateur Radio Union
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
JARL  Japan Amateur Relay League
NZART's Home Page New Zealand
Radio Amateurs of Canada A great Web Site
OFCOM  Home Page
The AMRAD Home Page

Amateur Satellites:
Heavens above Similar - but easier to use + tracking
AMSAT Home Page
Articles on Amateur Satellites
How to Work the Packet Robot on the Shuttle
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page

Amateur Television and Slow Scan T.V:
G0ITP Amateur Radio SSTV Links
SSTV - Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV - SSTV
SSTV Software

APRS Links
UI-View Superb APRS Software etc + links
TinyTrak Byonics - Low cost tracker / GPS encoder etc
AGWPE Packet Engine SVAGW's fantastic Soundcard programs
APRS Maps & links MAPS and other Links
Google APRS

Antenna Links:
Antenna Elmer
Antenna Simulations by NEC-2
Cecil Moore's Geocities W6RCA Web Page Lots of antenna information
MAX-GAIN SYSTEMS, INC. Fiberglass Spreaders
Antenna Design Computer Programs Free antenna programs

Hidden Transmitter/Foxhunt Links:
Radio Direction Finding, RDF, T-Hunt, Fox Hunt,

LF, VLF and ELF Links:
Very Low Frequency Group Home Page
LWCA Longwave Home Page
VK2ZTO LF pages
LA8AK VLF info

Weak Signal & Digital Links:
WSJT Superb weak signal software
Fantastic propogation test
MixW The best all-mode soundcard software
MFSK16 NEW Weak signal digi mode
MT63 Mode
PSK31 Basics
eSoftAnywhere DSP (not tried this out yet)
Spectran Excellent FFT - PC/souncard program
SpectrumLabs Superb FFT - PC/souncard program
N.E.W.S. Home Page North East Weak Signal VHF Group
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page
Lots of Packet and Digital links and info here!
Directory of /hamradio/packet/tcpip
Directory (ftp) of /hamradio/packet/baycom
F6FBB Pages : FBB Packet-radio
HF-FAX SSTV and HF-FAX info and software.
Introduction to Packet Radio
PE1NIB Homebrew 9600 baud modem.

Ham Radio Software :
Directory of /pub/ham This is a great place to look for ham radio programs and other files that can be downloaded by ftp.
CT by K1EA - The Ultimate Contest Software
WD4NGB DX PAGE Home of DxTelnet (a great packetcluster program) by Fab, IK4VYX
Ham University -- What is it?  Software to get your ham radio licence.
Slow Scan TV-Download SSTV Software
SV2AGW WIN95 Programs Logging and packet programs
TR Contest Logging Program Download a free copy.
WriteLog for Windows
XMLog - Freeware Amateur Radio Logbook System for Windows

QRP (Low Power) Links:
G QRP Club
EleCraft Home Page
JF1OZL's QRP/Homebrew page QRP and homebrew page from Japan.
K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities

Propagation Links:
Current Solar Forecast
Oz Current Propogation And their home page   This is very Good
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage Everything you want to know and more.
VHF/UHF Tropo Ducting forecast
Meteor Forecasts Excellent site
foF2 and MUF forecast for next hour
Near-Real-Time MUF Map
Latest propogation info 
Solar Cycle forecast

Ham Radio Home Page Links:
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
Bob Colyard's Shortwave & DXing Home page Short Wave listening page.

Local Radio Clubs
Bolton Wireless Club

Oldham Radio Club
Manchester Wireless Society The second oldest radio society in the UK
Stockport Radio Society
Warrington & District Amateur Radio Society 

Other Radio Clubs
Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society
Crawley Amateur Radio Club

Repeater groups
UK FM (Western) group
DMR Repeater list

G6GXK Microwave site

Internet Radio
M0ZPD Link Software Excellent program - really works well 
EchoLink Very popular software - free

IARU 1 VHF Beacons RSGBs site
HF Beacons G3USF's site
Active Beacon Wizard Shows active HF beacons
Beacon See Superb monitor
BeSpeak Looks good
Dx Monitor Excellent little program

Mods for Rigs