G3RIK's Early Expeditions

1964 - Winner of World-Wide DX Contest - CW.  With G3SBI.
1967 - VHF NFD. Leading Scottish station

1967  Winner of 3rd 70MHz (Portable) Contest
1967 - Winner 4th 70MHz (CW) Contest
1969 - VHF NFD Runner up
The Pennine VHF Group

Confirmation of the first G to Gibraltar contact on 4m 2nd June 1967


Colin, G3SBI operating the B44 on 70MHz

Fantastic take-off to the south
GM3RIK/P - First activation of BEN JOHN, 365m, Dumfries and Gallway, on 70MHz in June 1965.

Mull of Galloway is the southernmost point in Scotland
GM3RIK/P - First activation on 70MHz from the MULL OF GALLOWAY in June 1965. 

Pre SOTA event 3rd July 1965, First ever 70MHz on the summit of Ben Nevis

Setting up the B44, 3el 4m beam and car battery.  G3RIK, G3SBI and G3JIJ photographer on the summit of Ben Nevis (4406ft at he time) and not easy with the heavy equipment. Note the B44 is without its case (to reduce weight) but still 10kg and outputs only 3W and xtal cotrol (70.260).
Only worked 3 stations  GI3HXV (CW), GM3HLQ (AM), GM3OCV (AM)

Just enjoying the glorious weather on the Ben.

GM3RIK/P - First activation of the Isle of SOUTH UIST, Outer Hebrides, on 70MHz in July 1966.  IOTA EU-010.   Pre SOTA - GM/SI-166

A modified B44, on 70MHz, 3W xtal controlled and a 4 over 4 beam.  Simple PA mod increases power out to 10W.

1300ft on Road to Lighthouse

Great take off.  With mist rolling in every morning from the sea - fantastic sight.
"Mull of Kintyre" was recorded in August 1977 at Spirit of Ranachan Studio
at High Park Farm on the Mull owned by Paul since 1966 so he must have seen it.

North West UK Group DXPedition to ANDORRA  (AM/SSB/CW - 80/40/20/15/10/4/2) - June 1968
PX1RI was the callsign issued to G3RIK for the DXpedition on 70MHZ. 
On route I also operated as F0IA.

The rest of the group was
Les  G3PUO
John  G3JIJ (Now GM3JIJ)
Howard  G3RXH  (Now Silent Key)
Roy  G3VDS
John  G3WFK

Operating all bands except 160m which was not allowed

My Andorra QSL Card
The Bedford QL WW2 Signals truck - affectionately known as Etti